• Plots showing results of GSI run 186 quenching analysis (here)
    • Improved intercalibrations
    • Improved peak fitting with better initial conditions
    • Better stats with run 186 than previous runs used (although some s/w changes required to account for 1 range readout
    • 2% systematic change from Benoit's quenching analysis: virtual agreement
  • Eric is using these results in his continuing GSI analysis – ready to show something next mtg
  • Benoit suggests comparing interaction rates between GSI and sims to further check EPAX model
  • Benoit will send Sasha's complete EM calibration (all channels) to Fred (currently using incomplete calib.)


  • Andrey:
    • Simulations of heavy ions from CRHeavyIonPrimary now working with G4 truth saved via user stepping routine
    • Working mostly with Carbon so far to improve statistics
    • More non-interacting hits in edge towers than center (expected)
    • As a test, correlation of HI energy deposition and path length looks good
    • Working on comparison of MC energy deposit from HI vs MC integrating hits for each hit xtal
  • Mark is still working on "the document"
    • See flow chart here
    • First partial draft posted soon

Next vrvs meeting on Wed, 14 Dec at 10AM Eastern Standard time

  • Andrey presentation
  • Eric N. presentation
  • Benoit and Sasha discuss beam test calibration
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