GSI Analysis Update

Fred Presentation
Benoit – There may be a GSI run using a tower with TKR in Nov to look at effects of large ionizations

Quenching in Digi

  • Mark has posted some ideas on how quenching should be computed and applied in CalDigi:
    Mark quenching notes
  • General agreement to implement this approach:
  • Tasks/Responsibilities:
    • Evaluate what needs to be added to MCIntegratingHit; Discuss with Tracy (LPTA)
    • Derive Quenching funtional form and/or table format (LPTA)
    • Implement mods to CalDigi (NRL)

Heavy Ion Charge Sharing in TKR

Robert Johnson's preliminary report on SPICE modeling of TKR
Conclusion: Looks like 14 hit buffer will not be a problem wrt charge sharing but a test at GSI (see above) would be highly desirable

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