Report on system for tracking MC runs at Lyon Claudia's Presentation

  • Claudia proposes a metadata db to track MC runs at Lyon (common system for all French (and other) users)
  • Richard suggests that using the existing pipeline (either for runs at SLAC or an extension to run at Lyon) would be a better use of resources
  • Claudia's proposed web-based "front end" could be interfaced to the existing pipeline "backend"
  • Since major pipeline revisions are currently in the works, this is a good time to introduce this

Quenching specs Claudia's Presentation

  • Benoit raised the question of how to interpret heavy ion spectra: do we attempt to correct each event, then fit with a generic peak shape, or put quenching correction into MC, then use MC to produce model spectrum? Sasha and Mark agree with Benoit's suggested approach, since it may be hard to devise a reasonable model peak shape for event-corrected spectra, especially given potential systematic uncertainties in quenching

GSI analysis (Fred)

  • New version of GlastRelease breaks Thierry's GSI configuration. Investigating the problem now

NRL status

  • Andrey has produced prelim. plots to examine details of delta elec. production via G4. Still trying to understand what we're seeing, will present results next time
  • Mark has made progress on an error propagation/budget for MPD, will to asym next


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  1. My suggestion for Claudia was more along the lines of working with the DataHandling group on the Pipeline 2 project in all aspects, not writing a new web front end for it.