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I just finished the analysis of the csv files from the CPT sequences performed at the following dates (all at room temperature):
_ phase 0: 2007 Mar, 27
_ phase 1: 2007 Jul, 23 (Post-EMI)
_ phase 2: 2007 Oct, 22 (Post-Dynamics)
_ phase 3: 2008 Feb, 11 (last NRL CPT)

I ran the usual trending macro, and took the last phase as a reference, i.e. all following quantities are computed w.r.t. this phase for history plots, and all quantities = 0 for phase 3 by construction in these plots. I looked at the following quantities:
_ Test 0 : pedestal position and width (from *FMxxx_calu_pedestals_ci.csv files)
_ Test 4 : median noise (from *FMxxx_calf_adc_p02.csv files)

I checked ALL channels of ALL towers by eye and found the same noisy channels as Sasha:
_ twr=8, lyr=6, col=2, face=1: it can be seen in T8-FM107_Test4.pdf (X-, chan 38)
_ twr=6, lyr=4, col=1, face=0: it can be seen in T6-FM115_Test4.pdf (X+, chan 25)
_ twr=4, lyr=3, col=4, face=0: it can be seen in T4-FM105_Test4.pdf (Y+, chan 16)

For chan 38 of X- AFEE board in tower 8, the noise is also varying with time, as can be seen in the following attached files:
_ T8-FM107_Test0_History_RefPhase3-080211.pdf : pp. 7 and 11, the LEX8 ped width varies by more than 5 ADC units (which is 2.5% of a MIP if the MIP~200 adc units above pedestal)
_ T8-FM107_Test4_History_RefPhase3-080211.pdf : pp. 2, 3 and 6, the LEX8 (and even LEX1) median noise is varying

No variation is observed for the 2 other bad channels, so they remain noisy all the time. I also confirm that the 4th channel mentionned by Sasha is very marginally out of family:
_ twr=12, lyr=4, col=7, face=0: it can be seen in T12-FM110_Test4.pdf (X+, chan 31)

All other (hundreds of!...) plots are available for all towers / channels.

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