1. Some OktoberTest tasks we're preparing, CAL related and not. 
  2. The next two concern adding monitoring quantities similar to what I used to do, and Fred and Eric N too, during I&T (see http://www-glast.slac.stanford.edu/IntegrationTest/SVAC/Instrument_Analysis/Workshop-6/agenda.htm if you don't know what we used to do). The intent is that this will overflow directly to a discussion of who intends to make which CAL plots for Ops Sim 1 (a.k.a. OktoberTest).
  3. The last one concerns the status of the CAL paper and possibilities for moving forward. 


  • Zach and Fred will coordinate to run calibGenCAL on Oktobertest data
  • Elliot has labor to contribute to CAL calibration effort where needed
  • (Post-meeting) CAL calibration (i.e. MeVperDAC, asym, etc) will not be done as part of Oktobertest due to short on-orbit duration
  • Mark will report status at next C&A meeting
  • Next CAL calib meeting 9 Oct.
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