Mark Strickman
Claudia Lavalley
Fred Piron
Richard Hughes
Sasha Chekhtman

Patrick Smith
Eric Grove
Andrey Makeev
Benoit Lott
Eric Nuss


  • GCR rate study presentation (see link above)
  • Questions/comments
    • (Mark) Note that pessimistic assumption (no interactions at all allowed) approx. doubles collection time (eg 60d for Fe)
    • (Fred) Can Andrey's code work with protons as well? This will help characterize MIP finder
    • (Richard) Are events going through trigger/filter?
      • (Sasha) Default is all triggered events, no filter
    • (Benoit) Can compare xsecs you get to those in GEANT4
  • Filter study presentation (see link above)
  • Discussion cut off by vrvs problems
  • See link above to proposed GCRrecon structure
  • Claudia will send out similar structure for MIP finder (for comparison)
  • Discussion of how GCRrecon talks to GCRselect
    • (Fred) Since flow chart specifies a root file between the two processes, is it possible to read only part of the information from each row?
      • (Sasha) Can select by branch so maybe not...
      • (Mark) Could make main path via TDS rather than file, with file write and read optional. Latter so that TKR recon will not have to be run every time you test a new select algorithm
      • (Sasha) Don't necessarily use TDS, but rather "intermediate" classes that all TDS classes mirror. Algorithm could read from file, write to intermediate class. RootAnalysis is an example of how this works
  • GSI analysis needs clarification of high-statistics runs
  • Worked on GSI simulation, using Thierry's GSI geometry. All installed, ready to run. Install was well documented

Next meeting: Feb 1

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