• Work limited by other tasks so status is much the same as 2 weeks ago BUT
  • MIP Finder News:
    • Question of why many p+ events that get through the CT cuts were not detected by the MIP finder has been answered!
      • 80% of these events were obviously MIPs when scanned by eye, but only 50-60% were detected by the MIP finder.
      • Solution is to move accepted energy deposit "window" from 9-16 MeV to 7-30 MeV, including more events in the Landau tail. This includes all the p+ events that produced obvious MIPs that the finder was missing (about 80%).
      • Hopefully new settings in code will be ready for 1B photon DC2 run.
      • A remaining question: why did these events, which are pretty obviously MIPs, get through the CT cuts in the first place?
  • GSI Reanalysis News:
    • Eric N. still working on DC2 dark matter, but a little new work has been done
    • Test analysis run through old software but don't get old numbers. Searching for problem.
    • Thierry has a GLEAM implementation of most of the GSI configuration, including upstream material configurations so no need to redo this!
    • Still looking into doing sim runs to support this at Lyon. Disk space easy to come by, afs farm accessible from SLAC once you have an in2p3 account.


  • Andrey now has solved all the problems for getting at MC truth in detail for heavy ions. Still needs to write output tuple routine, but this is easy. Should have preliminary rates by next meeting (barring other problems).
  • Mark has started writing In-Flight Calibration document outline. Draft should be available for next meeting

Next vrvs meeting on 16 Nov (note: Wednesday) at 10AM Eastern Standard time

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