• Able to recover last year's analysis work. Will soon (next mtg) have plots of first results from GSI reanalysis.
  • Need dE/dx tables in code to investigate deposited energy ratios. Benoit has tables implemented in C, or suggests use of G4.
  • New software engineer will need time to come up to speed. Resources for her will include David Chamont and Zach Fewtrell.


  • Benoit still owes documentation for EPAX but it is not high on his priority list (something about a beam test...)
  • GSI paper: most comments inserted, essentially done. Any other comment still welcome but hurry, please!


  • Andrey had vrvs problems, will present CRHeavyIonPrimary simulation results next meeting
  • Mark is still working on "the document". Mostly outline, a few words.

Next vrvs meeting on 6 Dec (note: back to Tuesdays) at 10AM Eastern Standard time

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