GCR Rate Studies (Andrey)

  • Simulation of HI successful. Fe sim is very time consuming on desktop – transfering operation to SLAC farm
  • 2 million events total (~8ksec of GLAST orbit time) => ~11d of calibration collection to get average of 1000 Fe/crystal (optimistic assumption that all layers above an interaction can be used)

Work at Montpelier

  • Thierry has supplied a GSI gleam geometry to Fred. Fred has not tried it yet but that's coming up soon
  • Eric has worked on code to finalize the GSI reanalysis. He fixed a bug concerning 1 vs 4 range readout
  • Eric has also introduced Sasha's calibration for all xtals. He notes strange results in some cases. Will use Benoit or Fred calibrations in these cases. Benoit noted that he had to "normalize" Sasha's calibration. Not sure what that meant...
  • Claudia is still climbing the LAT learning curve. She has solved problems building system on Sci. Linux.


  • Fred will write a short description of GCRrecon for distribution
  • Mark needs to work on improved task list
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