Updated 19 August 2009.

The original version of the Group-C to-do list (as of June 17 2009) is from Tim Nelson. Last update: 19 August 2009.

1- Room:
  1. Fix HVAC leak:
    • it's not leaking anymore (as of 19 August 2009).
  2. Phone installtion: DONE
  3. Fiber optic installation:
    • Followed by Jim: Being done.
2- OGP:
  1. Floor survey for 2.5" embedment: DONE. OK.
  2. Clean machine and computer as well as possible: DONE.
  3. Installation: DONE (July)
  4. Calibration: DONE (18 and 20 August 2009).
3- Wirebonder: Installation DONE
4- Probe station:
  1. Fabricate anodized aluminium plate: DONE.
  2. Transfer hood to new plate; replace fabric with rubber flaps (neoprene?).
    • need new plate.
  3. Need rack or table to hold test equipment.
    • to do: have to figure out what is needed: inputs from  Chris and Ryan.
  4. Clean.
  5. Install.
5- Laser Test Stand:
  1. Clean up and place in room: DONE.
  2. New (clean) computer for control: DONE.
  3. Clean/new rack that fits under stand: DONE.
  4. Fabricate hood similar to probe station: DONE.
  5. Optics (ThorLabs): collimation, iris, splitter/power meter, spatial filter, focusing
  6. Mouting for optics
  7. Labview programming
6- Glue station:
  1. Get table replacement:
    • John is contacting purchasing department.
  2. Setup scale and centrifuge
  3. Get centrifuge tubes: DONE.
  4. Get glue(West Systems", Hexcel?, Araldite TDR1100?, Hysol?):
    • Ask Chris for recommendations
  1. Set up glue dispenser
    • Talk to Chris for recommendations
  2. Get supplies for glue dispenser (barrel, centrifuge tubes, syringues, tip assortement):
    • Talk to Chris for recommendations.
  3. Connect vaccum pump to workstations:
    • Jim is taking care of it.
  4. Ground all Terra table: DONE.
8- Bump bonding
  1. Status of stimulus request?
  2. Re-approach joint funding with UCSC, Stanford, SLAC?
  3. Get firm quote on K&S iConn ball bonder/stud bumper
9- Supplies
  1. Wider variety of gloves:
    • Ask Tim/Chris
  2. Larger shoe covers: DONE.
  3. Glove dispenser for inside room:
    • Jim is taking care of it.
  4. More dispensers in gowning area:
    • Jim is taking care of it
  1. Cleanup after all move-in
  2. Test cleanliness with our counter
  3. Re-certification?
11- Tool box
  1. Buy tools:
    • Jim is taking care of it, with help from Chris for special tools.
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