As a related study for the searches of SUSY Higgs H/A production in associate with a b quark and h/H/A decaying to bbbar:

the observation of the analogous Standard Model production of b+Z(Z->bbbar) can be a very interesting associated analysis to  establish the analysis infrastructure and calibrate reconstruction efficiencies and constrain production model uncertainties for the b+h (h is the lightest Higgs with properties close to SM Higgs) analysis. Observing Z->bbbar will also be an important milestone of its own right and lending a powerful avenue to calibrating b jet energy. The possible project tasks are expected to be among the following research topics:

  1. The suitable analysis strategies at different Pt ranges - how often h/Z to bbbar decays are distinct/merged b/bbar jets ?
  2. The recoil b Pt spectrum (also h/Z Pt spectrum) research from various MC generators and MCFM calculations and existing measurements to better understand the workable cross section and its uncertainties for different Pt regimes.
  3. bZ production data analysis: background levels and sensitivity for analyses at different Pt regimes. 


Contact: Su Dong, Emanuel Strauss


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