RAW files, in particular beamspot calibration files, are stored in CASTOR and access to CASTOR has become more complicated starting end of 2011. This page gives necessary steps to copy RAW data files from CASTOR to EOS. This info is derived from few places on ATLAS web with the starting point at ATLAS Storage at CERN Twiki.

  • First step is to know file names that you want to copy. nsls command still works so you can gather this info with the command like
    nsls /castor/cern.ch/grid/atlas/DAQ/2011/00191426/calibration_beamspot
  • To request data copy one needs to be registered with Panda. You can check if you are known to Panda following this link, if not then register yourself here. Registration needs an approval and can take ~1 day.
  • Once registered one can submit new data transfer request using DaTRI/DDM/Panda web interface (that page frequently loads with Oracle error "exceeded simultaneous SESSIONS_PER_USER limit" so you might need to wait a bit). The information requested on that page typically includes:
    • Data Pattern: data11_7TeV.00191426.calibration_beamspot.daq.RAW
    • Type: RAW
    • Destination Site: T0CERN-PROD_DATADIST
    • Files list: comma-separated file list, or you can also specify percentage of data or use default to get 100% of data
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  • Once this information is validated the request is sent and you can watch its status, system also sends e-mail with status updates.
  • Request can take some time (1-2 days) to complete
  • When request is complete (and if you used T0/CERN-PROD_DATADIST for destination) your files can be found on EOS typically in the directory like /eos/atlas/atlasdatadisk/user/$USER/data11_7TeV/user.$USER.data11_7TeV.00191426.calibration_beamspot.daq.RAW_der1328193901. You can copy files from there to other place with xrdcp command or other methods as explained on ATLAS Storage at CERN page.
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