1. Start x-win32 program by click "Start" -> "Programs" -> "X-Win32 9.1" -> "X-Win32" A window will show up like
    • Use the left button of the mouse and click on the window bar and hold it. Move the mouse and release the button.
    • If you see a window like
      continue with following. otherwise, goto step 2.
    • Click "Nodelocked", and type in license key: 1757166-50272. And click OK button.
  2. Go back to the first window "Welcome to X-Win32", double click "Create an RSH, REXEC, or SSH session". Two windows will popup. The desktop screen looks like
    • On the right window, type in "tmp" under "Name:". The window looks like

      Click "Next".
    • It shows a window like
      Type in "euclid02.slac.stanford.edu" or the host assigned to you. And click "Next".
    • The window looks like
      Type your afs id, and your Unix password. Click "Next".
    • The window looks like
      Click "Linux" and Click "Finish" button. The window will disappear.
  3. The left window will look like
    Click "tmp". Then click "Launch" button.
  4. If you see a window like
    Click "Yes" button.
  5. An xterm will show up. Your desktop screen looks like
    Congratulations. You have successfully logged into on of the euclids computer.
  6. In xterm, please do the following to initialize shell environment:
    source /afs/slac.stanford.edu/g/acd/cw09/cshrc.cw09
    If for some reasons you choose such that your default shell is bash, use the following:
    . /afs/slac.stanford.edu/g/acd/cw09/profile.cw09
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