Science Tools Working Group

The current release of the Science Tools remains v9r15p6. Jim has made a new HEAD build and an incremental release is likely by ~Wednesday. Among other updates, it will have the P6_V8 IRFs that Toby has implemented with the in-flight PSF that he measured; this version also has the corrected fits/representation of the IRF that has been in the works for a while, dating to Matthew Kerr's study in the fall. Incorporating the P6_V8 will make them more conveniently available for further evaluation in analyses.

The development news below describes updates that are not yet in a release.

Data products: Elizabeth F.'s updated documentation of the contents of the main data products served at the FSSC (FT1, 'extended FT1', and FT2) is now available.

Likelihood analysis

From Jim:

  • Likelihood v16r2p1: Problems with the convolutions with the binned analysis (i.e., slight sub-pixel shifts of the convolved images relative to the model images) reported by Mizuno, Luigi and their colleagues have been fixed. [These issues involved subtleties of the representations of images and of the PSF. Johann has volunteered to make a write up.]

GRB tools

No news

Pulsar tools

From Masa: Nothing in the pulsar tools development. We are discussing a possibility of expanding the D4 definition to accommodate more complex radio ephemerides, but a conclusion has not yet been reached.

Observation simulation

No news

User interface and infrastructure (& utilities)

No news

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