Science Tools Working Group

Our last meeting was February 13 (attendees J Chiang, S Digel, J Ballet, C Patterson, D Band, A Cillis, D Davis, E Winter, T Burnett, W Focke, N Giglietto, T Porter). We may not meet again until after the collaboration meeting.

The current version of the Science Tools remains v9r4p1.

Data products: No news. David expects to be able to submit 'Rev A' of the File Formats Document before launch. This would incorporate various fixes (e.g., Andrea T. noticed that the current definition of LS-005 specifies a maximum altitude of 10,000 m for GLAST) and refinements.

Databases and related utilities

No news

Likelihood analysis

Jim fixed a bug in gtltcube that prevented it from correctly ingesting more than one spacecraft data file.

GRB tools

No LAT development news. David described discussions with Rob Preece about the GSSC providing an Web service for generating GBM response matrices. The GBM data will be released with response matrices but the service will allow updated matrices to be generated, e.g., if a better position is found for the burst.

Pulsar tools

Masa reports that he and James are continuing to work on implementing handling of ephemeris handling for alternate sets of timing parameters for binary pulsars.

Regarding populating D4, right now it looks like David Smith et al. at Bordeaux will be aggregating inputs from radio pulsar and X-ray pulsar timers into the ephemeris database file that the pulsar tools use and the GSSC will distribute. Not all of the details are worked out regarding making the ephemerides publicly available but pulsar group members are optimistic that something can be worked out. See Timing Database for GLAST LAT Pulsars.

Observation simulation

No news.

User interface and infrastructure (& utilities)

No development news

Dave Davis and Analia have sent Chuck the updated and extended reference pages (equivalent to FTOOLS fhelp pages) for the Science Tools. These will make their way into the User Workbook, replacing the current reference pages.

Source Catalog

Did not meet last week.

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