Science Tools Working Group

Did not meet this week, but we will meet next week.

The current version of ScienceTools is v9r2. Here are the differences from v9r1. Enough updates have accumulated so that if you are a v9r1 user you should definitely want to switch.

N.B. v9r2 has the first versions of the Pass 5 IRFs, P5_v0_transient, P5_v0_source, and P5_v0_diffuse. You'll note in their definitions that they differ only in the cut applied to the variable CTBClassLevel. That is, these response functions are nested and (unlike DC2 class A and class B) do not partition the CTBClassLevel 'space'.

So this means that only one of these response functions can be used at a time in the Science Tools. gtobssim will accept any one of the response function sets (by name). Jim has modified makeFT1 (which makes FT1 files from Merit files) to by default apply the CTBClassLevel cut for the 'transient' class but also to include the CTBClassLevel variable values as an additional column in the FT1 files. This is so that you can use an FTOOL like fcopy to make the event selection be for source or diffuse class afterward.

Last week, Chris and David (B or D) presented a proposal for the next beta test by the GUC to the GLAST Users Committee. The presentation and minutes are not yet online; see agenda.

Data products: No new news.

Databases and related utilities

No development news.

Likelihood analysis

No development news. Jim has updated the tutorial for likelihood analysis; in particular the 'Create a Source Model XML File' section has been brought up-to-date. If you cannot wait until it is in the Workbook, it is available in the latest build of the doxygen documentation.

GRB tools

No development news.

Pulsar tools

Masa and James report that they are continuing to work on adding barycentering on-the-fly to the pulsar tools.

Observation simulation

No news. Yesterday Tom G. noticed strange behavior of some data generation runs (using Gleam) for the Operations Simulation next month. The effect was like changing the run start time during a run; GRBobsmanager may be implicated.

User interface and infrastructure (& utilities)

From James: "James Peachey delivered Ape to the LAT team for incorporation in the IExternal package for use in the Science Tools. Ape supersedes the PIL library which is currently still used by the Science Tools. The next step would be to deliver a new version of Hoops that uses Ape instead of PIL. After this step, many of the JIRA issues concerned with PIL problems could be closed.

James Peachey continued work on porting the Science Tools into the HEADAS Windows environment. He ran into problems with the CMake utility, probably caused by changes to CMake since the last time it was used. Currently he is experimenting with generating Visual Studio project
files directly for each package."

Source Catalog

Did not meet this week, and will make way for the Science Tools meeting next week.

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