Science Tools Working Group

We did not meet this week but probably will next Wednesday.

The current version of the Science Tools remains v9r3p4. The updates described below are not in an actual release yet.

Data products: Not much news. Julie has examples of LS-001 files - these are FT1++. They have the columns of FT1 plus about 200 more, representing all of the Merit variables that are used in the classification of events. The definitions of these columns will necessarily evolve some. The idea is that these will be the 'full event' data product that is provided to the GSSC. Julie wants to make sure the files are what she intended; when they are ok, and Warren gets the pipeline to make one of these files, Mali will be able to sign off on a lingering requirement. David needs to finish the specifications in the FFD soon - and I owe him some replies.

Databases and related utilities

No news

Likelihood analysis

No news.

GRB tools

No news.

Pulsar tools

Masa reports there's no news

Observation simulation

From Jim:

  • fixed the memory leak in the Primack05 EBL attenuation model (celestialSources/eblAtten v0r5)
  • fixed the 214 microsec sampling issue in SpectralTransient for the big run sky model (celestialSources/genericSources v1r9p5) [see comments on Nicola's posting on a test of the Big Run sky model; other artifacts from the limited precision of the random number generator can be found - e.g., the minimum non-zero time between photons in the diffuse model turns out to be 2 -25 seconds, for what it is worth.]
  • disabled gtorbsim build (observationSim v7r2p1) [The interface to the flux package changed with Toby's rewrite - specifically how faint sources get disabled - and this broke gtorbsim. It probably could be reworked to work again but gttakosim is still our future.]

User interface and infrastructure (& utilities)

From Jim: "fixed DATE-OBS, TSTART, etc. keyword bug for empty FT1 files generated by makeFT1 (fitsGen v3r8p2)"

James has imported APE to replace PIL in the hoops package. It is in the LATEST builds of the Science Tools. Jim has reported a couple of bugs to James; one of them relates to why the unit test in the sane package has started failing.

Source Catalog

Met this week and covered a number of interesting topics. Jean gave an update on the comparison of the source detection algorithms, incorporating results from an improved PGwave algorithm. He also discussed his investigation of sources that the source detection algorithms find but the catalog pipeline discarded - evidence that another iteration step is needed in the catalog analysis. Toby gave a detailed update on what is new with pointfind and on development directions in the near future. He is also starting to generate the true source list from the sky model for the Big Run. This is a thankless task - so thank him.

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