Reason for change:

We request to deploy  datamonitoring/AlarmsCfg-07-00-37. In this release we updated the DQM limit the for the RMS of the distribution of the ACD pedestal deviations

Test Procedure:

This version of AlarmsCfg has been tested processing locally the monitoring products from two  LPA run (706230133, 706331486).

Rollback procedure:

The package can be rolled back to the previous version by flipping a soft link. Also note that the package is completely independent from any other package running in the pipeline and will not cause a version change of L1Proc.


    SSC-458 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Relaxing warning limit for y_rms of  acd pededestal deviaton (PMT A):
      AcdPedPedMeanDeviation_PMTA_TH1 y_rms: upper warning limit changed from 3 to 3.2
      relevant thread:

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