Science Tools Working Group

Did not meet this week and may not meet next week either

The current version of ScienceTools is v9r1p1. The differences
from v9r1 are fixes by Jim in the st_facilities, optimizers, and Likelihood packages.

Data products: No new news.

Databases and related utilities

No news

Likelihood analysis

From the release notes, in v9r1p1, gtlike has the DRMNFB and NEWMINUIT optimizers available. DRMNFB uses many of the same subroutines as DRMNGB but handles the derivative information differently and seems not to suffer from some of the convergence problems that Jean encountered with DRMNGB and binned analyses in the Catalog work. NEWMINUIT is an interface to the C++ version of MINUIT that is supported by CERN and shipped with ROOT. Both the DRMNFB and NEWMINUIT interfaces were implemented by Pat.

GRB tools

No news

Pulsar tools

From Masa: "In the pulsar tools area, we went through all the pulsar tools (except for gtpulsardb) and modify them to use new class that replaces (and cleans up) their top-level application code. The work is finished successfully, I believe, with a couple of bugs identified and fixed during the work as a bonus. So, we are finally ready to actually work on the barycentering-on-the-fly functionality, I think."

This week, James closed 3 recent pulsar-related JIRA issues (PULS-35, -37, and -38).

Observation simulation

James imported v0r0p1 of gttakosim (orbitSim package) which has Giuseppe's bug fix reported on last time. I don't have any news about using or documenting gttakosim - I haven't invested the time in running it yet.

Analia reported that gtorbsim was unable to simulate orbits past a certain date in July, 2010. The time corresponded to MET 3e8, and this had been hard wired as an upper limit in the astro package, probably for some time. Toby reports that he has removed this restriction; the fix should be in the next release of Science Tools.

User interface and infrastructure (& utilities)

No news.

Source Catalog

Met yesterday. I was not able to attend. It includes a report by Jean on the distribution of likelihood TS in the null hypothesis, studied with Tom's test pattern data by removing source photons.

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