1. MC needs and plans                         Tongtong

    1. MC biasing                             Omar
    2. Data background overlay       MattG, Tongtong

  2. Calibration needs and plans             Norman

    1. ECal calibration                       Andrea
    2. SVT hit fitting                         Alic, Cameron
    3. SVT alignment                        PF

  3. Data Processing

    1. Trigger skims                          Nathan

Attendees: Norman, Alic, Tongtong, Cameron, Nathan, MattG, Tim


Tongtong reported on his comparisons of the MC beam-background and data beam-background overlays. The good news is that the mechanics of doing so appear to be working well, although more QA work is still needed. However, there appear to be no full-energy electrons (FEEs) in the random-trigger data. We spent most of the meeting discussing this issue.

We ended with a short presentation by Nathan on the status of the trigger skims. Recall that we are skimming events with FEE, muon, Møller and random triggers. Nathan reports that this project should be finished sometime next week. Output files will be available at JLab at /cache/hallb/hps/physrun2021/production/evio-skims .

We agreed to defer the remaining talks to future meetings.

Agenda items which are struck through have been postponed.

Action Items: 

  • Review the process by which we generate the MC beam backgrounds with an eye on the FEE production rate.
  • Review the reconstruction of the SVT in the data background overlay events.
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