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  3. SVT Hit Studies ( part 1 part2 ) - Norman
  4. 2019 Production Reconstruction Studies - Norman
  5. DQM Needs for 2021 Data taking - Matt
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Attendees: Norman, Alic, Cameron, Maurik, Nathan, Omar, PF, Tim, Tongtong


Action Items:

  • Should we only keep one pulse fit per APV25 readout?
    • If so, when two pulses are fit, should we discard the lower time fit, or the fit farther from zero?
    • Should we consider a more conservative/safe approach like removing all fits with time less than some threshold (example -50 ns)
  • Decide which collections should be dropped from the reconstruction output in order to reduce the file size. Measure fraction of file for each collection to guide this discussion/decision
  • Finalize the software in preparation for a pass through 10% of the 2019 data
  • Finalize the steering file to be used on the 10% pass.

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