1. Track-Finding Efficiency in Data: WABS - Norman
  2. Visual Inspection of SVT Alignment - Norman
  3. 2019 Data Calibration - All
  4. DQM Needs for 2021 Data taking - Matt
  5. AOB


Attendees: Norman, Alic, Cameron, MattG, Omar, PF, Robert, Tongtong


  • A preliminary investigation of the track-finding efficiency using WABs points to an efficiency of 85-90% for tracks between 1 and 3.5GeV with the caveat that these numbers apply only to the phase space of the selection criteria applied to the parent sample. Tongtong pointed out that requiring the two clusters to be on opposite sides of the calorimeter might be excluding some events where electron curves to join the photon on the "electron side." He also asked if the electron-electron category might include Møllers. Will try to follow up on these questions. PF pointed out that the greater efficiency of the SeedTracker algorithm vs the Kalman Filter disagreed with results from MC studies. It was pointed out that the fiducial cut eliminates tracks with low tan(lambda). This should be revisited.
  • A visual inspection of the position of the SVT sensors using the Wired4 event display showed some interesting displacements. Some discussion ensued, but no conclusions were reached.
  • The machinery for running the subdetector and the event reconstruction DQM has been revived and is up and running. Omar mentioned that running these applications remotely might not be possible so we should investigate other options to allow performance to be monitored remotely.

Action Items:

  • The track-finding efficiency study will be repeated with the latest snapshot, which includes updates to the KF strategies and some bug-fixes. Norman Graf
    • 05/12/21: The sample was re-reconstructed using the latest merge of the kalman_dev branch into hps-java master.
    • The SeedTracker/GBL result stayed the same, at 14.3% overall "inefficiency"
    • The Kalman Filter result worsened slightly to 16.4% overall "inefficiency"
    • The dependence of the "inefficiency" on cluster Esum perhaps reflects larger non e- gamma backgrounds at low Esum
  • The study will be expanded to investigate the efficiencies as a function top/bottom, momentum, etc. Norman Graf
  • A standalone Driver will be written to draw the SVT sensor geometries to enable easier inspection of their positions. Norman Graf  
  • Instructions will be posted on how to use the Wired4 event display. Norman Graf
  • A formal presentation on the DQM will be scheduled for two weeks hence. Mathew Graham
  • Omar will contact Jeremy to revisit the project where DQM plots had been made available on the web. Omar Moreno
    • After discussions at the 5/12/21 HPS weekly meeting it was decided that remote shifters should connect directly via VNC, so this will be shelved. 

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