Installing Python 2.5.1 (built against tcltk 8.4) for Linux

  1. Download Python 2.5.1 from
  2. Unzip and change to the directory of the unpacked archive, E.g.,
    • tar -zxvf  Python-2.5.1.tgz
    • cd Python-2.5.1
  3. *Run, "./configure --prefix=<installation directory>":
    • ./configure --prefix=/afs/slac/g/glast/ground/GLAST_EXT/redhat4-i686-32bit/python/2.5.1-gl1/gcc34/ 
  4. Edit the file, "Setup," in the "Modules" directory, "Modules/Setup"
    • Enable zlib (Uncomment the line corresponding to "zlib")
    • To build Python against tcltck 8.4, there are three lines to edit in the file (I would suggest searching for "_tkinter" in the Modules/Setup file, then following the documentation)
      1. Enable tkinter, by Uncommenting the line "_tkinter _tkinter.c tkappinit.c -DWITH_APPINIT "
      2. Uncomment and edit to reflect where your Tcl/Tk libraries are, example
        • "-L/afs/"
      3. Uncomment and edit to reflect where your Tcl/Tk headers are
      4. Uncomment and edit to reflect your Tcl/Tk versions are
  5. Run
    • make
    • make install

* Step 3 must be done before 4.   Running, "./configure," generates the file Modules/Setup 

While running "make", if you run into any problems finding tcl8.4 or tk8.4 libraries, try setting the environment variable, LD_RUN_PATH to point to the location of the tcltk libraries:
make clean
setenv LD_RUN_PATH <Location of tcltk libraries>
make install
unsetenv LD_RUN_PATH 

Installing Python 2.5.1 (built against tcltk 8.4) for Windows

By default, tcl/tk version 8.4 ships with Python 2.5.1 for Windows so just go through the installation process.

  1. Download the appropriate python2.5.1 msi file for your windows architecture
  2. Using command.exe, enter the following command
    • if installing on a network drive
      • msiexec /a <python-msi-path>/python-2.5.1.msi ALLUSERS=1 TARGETDIR=<installation director
    • Example, to install python in "V:\Glast_Software\Toaster\GLAST_EXT\Windows-i386-32bit\python\2.5.1-gl1\vcc71" logged in on glast06, enter
      •  msiexec /a V:\Glast_Software\Toaster\GLAST_EXT\VC8\python\python-2.5.1.msi ALLUSERS=1 TARGETDIR="V:\Glast_Software\Toaster\GLAST_EXT\Windows-i386-32bit\python\2.5.1-gl1\vcc71"