Science Tools Working Group

Met last week (J Chiang, D Band, T Burnett, J Ballet, S Digel, D Sanchez (LLR), W Focke, M Hirayama, C Shrader). We did not meet this week and might not meet next week either.

The current version of the Science Tools remains v9r3p1.

Data products: We discussed some needed updates to the definition of the contents of FT1 and a potential update to the contents of FT2. For the former, the proposals are to make GPS_OUT a column, to implement a not-yet-actually-real pipeline version column, and to sort out what to do about CONVERSION_TYPE and EVENT_CLASS keywords - for Pass 5 we are currently using CTBCLASSLEVEL and not EVENT_CLASS at all, for example. For FT2, the question is whether to include quaternions in addition to the RA_SCX, RA_SCZ, etc. orientation information. The pages are open for comments.

Databases and related utilities

No news. As you have noticed, the GSSC server has LEO 55-day data. Tony has got the data in the Astro Data Server as well, although (last I checked), not findable as a link from glast-ground. Both servers are incrementally updating the data as the 'downlinks' arrive. As of Wednesday, the EVENT_CLASS and time selection information in the headers of the files from the Astro Data Server needed some fixing; Jim and Tony are going to work on this, or may have already fixed it by now.

Likelihood analysis

Jim has implemented a more-accurate scheme for making the integrations over the PSFs in binned likelihood analysis - related to calculatign the numbers of expected events when the value of a spectral parameter in a source model changes. In the test cases that he ran, the effect was a reduction in TS at small values of TS by about 20% in the right direction of making unbinned and binned results more consistent. Jean also made some tests with the new integrations using test pattern data. He uncovered a bug that Jim has since fixed.

GRB tools

No news.

Pulsar tools

Masa reports that he and James have started work on gtptest, which will run a number of periodicity tests (evaluate a number of periodicity statistics) at once.

Observation simulation

No news. A splinter meeting on orbit and attitude simulation was held during the collaboration meeting. Giuseppe Romeo (author of gttakosim) and Robin Corbet were able to attend. Some follow-up questions related to LEO studies are pending with Julie.

User interface and infrastructure (& utilities)

No news

Source Catalog

Met this week. Most of the meeting was devoted to a discussion - really, a discussion - about naming of sources and to technical details of the contents (columns) of the LAT point-source catalog. Jean had some analysis results to discuss but I think that may have got postponed until the next meeting.

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