Science Tools Working Group

Did not meet this week. We probably will meet next on Nov. 22, for 30 minutes.

The version of ScienceTools is v7r6p1, which includes the first version of the HANDOFF IRFS.

The GLAST Users Committee 'Beta Test' of the science tools is underway today, at NASA Goddard. The Beta Test Web site has links to the data, software, agenda , and presentations for the meeting. The data set is DC2 and the science tools are v7r5. The site is not widely advertised; this is posted here for our reference.

Many of the 'No news' items below can be taken to mean 'preparing for the GUC review.'

Data products: No news.

Databases and related utilities

No news.

Likelihood analysis

No news. Jim has updated exposure_map to write an ENERGIES extension to the exposure maps that it creates, so they can be used for binned likelihood analysis. This update was at the request of David Landriu, who is implementing a binned likelihood version of the catalog analysis pipeline.

GRB tools

No news.

Pulsar tools

No news.

Observation simulation

No news.

User interface and infrastructure

James reports: "James completed and delivered a set of changes to the Ape interface to make it more consistent with other parameter interfaces (XPI, PIL, Ciao)."

Source Catalog

Did not meet this week.

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