Science Tools Working Group

We last met on May 21; we will not meet this week.

The current release version of the Science Tools is v9r5p5. Here are the differences from v9r5p4. A number of small updates have been made. Jim reports that the principal reason for the new tag is so that for L1 processing the same version of ROOT (v5.18.00c-g11) would be used in the Science Tools and GlastRelease. In terms of changes that you are most likely to notice, gtobssim now enforces a deadtime of 26 microseconds per event.

Data products: No news. The delivery of data products from ASP to the GSSC has been a recent focus. Also, we don't seem to have a universal understanding of the frequency of deliveries of livetime cubes (LS-003).

Databases and related utilities

No news

Likelihood analysis

Jim reports that he "fixed a bug in the convolution code for binned analysis wherein Ping was seeing slight offsets for her high-latitude DM source maps (Likelihood v13r15)" [this is not yet in a release]

GRB tools

No news

Pulsar tools

From Masa: "Nothing exciting in the pulsar tools development. We are still working on the time handling classes, and have almost done what we planned for the classes to change. But, lots of bugs and problems were found in the process, and we are shooting them now. Although I don't think those bugs affect analysis results with the pulsar tools, I think we should fix them now rather than later."

Observation simulation

Richard has updated the microQuasar source to no longer reset the random number seed; this is in the current Science Tools release.

From Jim: "Johann encountered and fixed a problem in the code that allows one to select submaps when running simulations with the MapSource sources. (celestialSources/genericSources v1r11p3)" [not yet in a release]

User interface and infrastructure (& utilities)

Not sure where this belongs, but in case you do not read infrasoftlist, you should see Tony's note about the new version of the GUI code installer. It should be much more robust against network flakiness ("Guaranteed to work even at the cocoa beach holiday inn").

Source Catalog

Did not meet last week. Will meet this week, with one main topic being source detection on the obssim3 data set.

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