• Login to lat-hobbit4 as user "glast" and create the following terminals with the working directory being ~glast/work/licos:
    • ProxyManager
    • ScriptEngine
    • StripChart
    • AlarmHandler
    • TelemetryTable
  • In the ProxyManager terminal enter:
    $ONLINE_ROOT/LICOS_ETC/start/runProxies.csh --vscip lat-elf21 --config vsc.cfg
  • In the ScriptEngine terminal enter:
    $ONLINE_ROOT/LICOS_ETC/start/cvt.csh localhost vsc.cfg
    And verify that there are no errors in either $LICOS_LOG/cvt.log or $LICOS_LOG/cvt_db.log.
    After that enter the following:
    $ONLINE_ROOT/LICOS_ETC/start/scriptEngine.csh --config scriptEngine.cfg --server lat-elf21 --vscConfig vsc.cfg --scriptOpts $ONLINE_ROOT/LICOS_Config/opts/LatPowerOpts.cfg
  • In the StripChart terminal enter:
    $ONLINE_ROOT/LICOS_ETC/start/stripchart.csh --config $ONLINE_ROOT/LICOS_ETC/config/stripChart.cfg --vscConfig vsc.cfg --cvtHost localhost
  • In the AlarmHandler terminal enter:
    $ONLINE_ROOT/LICOS_ETC/start/alarmHandler.csh --config alarm.cfg --vscConfig vsc.cfg --cvtHost localhost --noPopAlarm
  • In the TelemetryTable terminal enter:
    $ONLINE_ROOT/LICOS_ETC/start/telemetryTable.csh --config $ONLINE_ROOT/LICOS_ETC/config/LAT_TLM_PKTMNEM_B0-6-1_abrv.cfg --vscConfig vsc.cfg --cvtHost localhost
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