Science Tools Working Group

We met last week and will meet again Sept 27, 2006. The tentative agenda includes cleaning up any outstanding JIRA issues.

The current version of ScienceTools remains v7r4p1. An incremental update may or may not occur before the end of the next build cycle.

Data products: No news. The status of the Science Data Products ICD is on the agenda for the Operations Technical Interchange Meeting to be held at Goddard at the end of the month.

Databases and related utilities

No news.

Likelihood analysis

  • I have implemented a speedup of the unbinned likelihood calculation that skips re-evaluation of contributions from sources that have no free model parameters. This should afford substantial time savings for various stages of the catalog analysis.
  • The warnings based on the Poisson probability of the expected number of counts for the nominal energy ranges plotted for the counts spectra over the entire region-of-interest has been implemented by James and Analia and has been incorporated in gtlikelihood.
  • The bugs reported last week regarding one-sided time range cuts and diffuse response column names have been fixed.
  • gtcntsmap now supports different pixel sizes for the longitude and latitude coordinates of the counts maps that are created.

GRB tools

No news.

Pulsar tools

No news.

Observation simulation

Toby and I have modified the observationSim code so that gtobssim now uses the same scheme as Gleam for assigning MC_SRC_ID numbers to each event. This will ensure that event ids are the same from run to run, so long as the input source models are identical.

User interface and infrastructure

No news.

David is still looking for good citizens like you to read, comment on, and contribute to the Cicerone document. Several sections still need beefing up. He has made recent revisions to the pulsar analysis section.

Source Catalog

The catalog group met this week. Jean presented an update on his comparisons of the various source detection methods as applied to the DC2 test image data, and Gino presented some results of the PGWave package as applied to these data and the test pattern data.

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