Collect studies and conclusions on the ACD performance in Pass 8 here.


David's Pass 8 data/MC in the ACD page

Philippe's Pass 8 data/MC comparison page


Summary of Info and Issues (Please add/edit/update)

  • ACD recon has impacts on the acceptance of the Pass 8 source class
  • Calibrations for ACD work well and are stable (online studies, rates)
  • The low range (high gain) has good linearity
  • Low energy discrepancy in data/MC comparisons for multiple variables, e.g., tile energy, vetoSigma vars (See Philippe's page for examples for many configs)
    • zero suppression threshold influences data vs MC. Q: What zero suppression threshold or recon threshold should be used to ensure sane comparisons of data and MC? See Philippe's latest update: Tests of ZP thresholds and MIP cuts. A threshold in recon probably has implications for data set?
    • coherent noise - affects a small fraction of events. Impacts in MC?
    • swapping E/M models in GEANT has little impact (link) but cutoff thresholds in generation might mask behavior
  • Proton MIP comparisons look good, alphas less so
    • low vs high range matching?
  • Should the coherent noise simulation be changed? Currently works in the ensemble sense for noise studies, but not implemented to match specific behaviors in channels.
  • Overlay of ACD PT events
    • Concerns about how zero suppression thresholds are handled
    • Coherent noise in PT as in data (small fraction)


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