It can be hard to find the actual code that does the work. In my recent allGamma-GR-v5r0p2 task, I have one task process configured as:

    • template provided by Dan with a few lines of recommended code to access things like the run id, and input and output datasets.
    • submitted by
    • does a little setup and executes which runs Gleam, using environment variables to customize it.

I realize that is not necessary; could have easily done the work. I had based my task on Warren's recon task, where his 'gleam'pl' builds the shell script, and slavishly kept his structure.

But I realized that nowhere do we record the version of the underlying code that is run: nowhere in the database do we actually record the version of GlastRelease. We do have a spot to record the version of (the only executable Gino knows about per task process), though the xml configurator does not allow setting this version.

For some executables - and GlastRelease is an important one - we could use the version number to access the code. The Release Manager builds the releases and maintains a database giving access to them.

It would be good to both record the important version number and allow it to be found automatically rather than (eg) hardwired into my shell script as I'm doing now.

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