I notice there is no place in the task table for a description of the task. Would be nice.

Also, it could be useful to allow the user to add options to the bsub command. One that comes to mind immediately is the -R option. One might be willing to trade time waiting for a job to start for the x2-3 gain in CPU between the barb and noma batch workers.

Of course both would have to be configurable from the web front end.

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  1. There is no task description in the task table, nor is there one in the taskprocess or dataset tables.

    This is the raison d'etre de la RecordInfo table, and the bridge-tables RI_Task, RI_TaskProces, and RI_Dataset.

  2. ah. ok. I have never paid any attention to those tables! Just looked in dbvis and it looks like these items are the comment field in Navid's interface end up in. Right? We'd need to get Matt to replicate that.