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NREN (Nepal) connected on 24 March at 45 Mbps


PingER at SLAC monitors, and Of these only had data fort over 50% of the last 100 days. Looking at the traceroute for this host it appears to not be connected via TEIN3. Traceroutes for the other hosts indicate they do not use TEIN3 rather using TeleGlobe. This was confirmed by Gaurab Raj Upadhaya of NREN who pointed out that won't be connected to TEIN3 at all. It's the website of a commercial ISP (the telco), and there is no possibility that they will connect.. The smokeping PingER plot from SLAC to is shown below:

So we could compare the above measurements with those of a host connected to TEIN3 we added as a "Beacon" to the list of PingER monitored hosts on 4/17/2010. The traceroute from SLAC to it identified it as being connected to TEIN3.