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On April 7, 2010, David West of Dante announced concerning S. Asia countries connecting to TEIN3:

PERN (Pakistan) was the first connected in late 2008 thanks to a NSF/PERN funded 155 Mbps link to TEIN3 in Singapore. Following the TEIN3 South Asian tender a new TEIN3 PoP was established in Mumbai with ERNET co-operation, and most of the South Asian connectivity was then contracted. The implementation programme, as I reported in Sydney, has been more challenging than we hoped, but most of the South Asian partners are now successfully connected:

  • The 2.5 Gbps links between Mumbai and Europe (GEANT Madrid PoP), and Mumbai and TEIN3 Singapore PoP became operational in February 2010
  • ERNET (India) connected on 8 March, initially with 1 GE connection, to be increased to 10GE interface shortly
  • NREN (Nepal) connected on 24 March at 45 Mbps
  • LEARN connected on 1 April at 45 Mbps.

So 4 of the South Asian partners are now connected to TEIN3 and the global R&E community. Thanks to TEIN3 NOC and partner NOCs for their co-operation and partners for their patience while some difficult issues were resolved. DANTE is discussing with Bangla Desh when BdREN should be connected taking into account the development of its national network and we are working towards a Q4 2010 connection. Regarding DANTE is looking forward to hear when Bhutan wishes to connect.

DANTE will be issuing a press release to mark this stage of the TEIN3 network expansion in the near future.

Finally on an administrative front it is excellent that the good wishes for the new connections are being shared throughout the community, however do be aware that the 'reply all' function is generating quite a lot of emails for everyone! I have already taken the liberty of moderating some emails from outside the TEIN3 group though not from members of this list.


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