The 2.5 Gbps links between Mumbai and Europe (GEANT Madrid PoP), and Mumbai and TEIN3 Singapore PoP became operational in February 2010.


Looking at traceroutes from it appears that:

  • and are connected via TEIN3
  • While,,, (right now is returning Unknown host) are connected via TeleGlobe which does not appear to go through TEIN3.

Looking at the PingER smokeping performance graphs (the blue line is the RTT measured with 10 pings each 30 mins, the black is no response, the other background colors indicate the packet loss, the grey shading shows the jitter) for the TEIN3 hosts
(most recent data)  and (most recent data) there is no obvious change on the TEIN3 India cutover date (March 3) however in April the RTT dropped for from ~ 300ms to 270ms and for (in Bangalore) from ~350ms to ~300ms.

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