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This is the home page for Gino Pipeline information. Gino is an automated system to run parallel pipelines of processing and maintain the state of processing and produced datasets.

The primary developers are Dan Flath and Matt Langston.

GINO Web Dashboard

The primary interface to GINO is via the GINO dashboard at We are currently using Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) to protect the web site, although we will be moving to a single-sign on implementation after the first of the year (in January 2005). We have written an article about Integrated Windows Authentication for those who are interested.

XML File Configuration

Pipelines are configured using XML configuration files that are uploaded using the web site. Documentation about the file format is provided in Pipeline XML Configuration File Format . We recommend using XMLBuddy (see the XMLBuddy Installation Instructions) to edit your XML pipeline configuration files since these configuration files can become complicated and the error messages from the XML uploader are not always all that descriptive.

An alternative to XMLBuddy for Emacs users is the nXML Major Mode.

Layout of the Code

Initial instructions for Maintenance

Design and Feature Requests Discussion