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This page contains information about the SLAC Linux Server pcphuat27.

General Information
  • The machine is dual-homed and known on the CERN public network as
  • The CERN network registration is available online
  • It is a DELL PowerEdge 2900, Intel 2.33 GHz dual quad-core with 8 GB RAM and 8x750 GB = 6 TB of scratch disk space in two RAID-1 configurations
User Guide
  • To get an account, please send email to Rainer Bartoldus
  • There are two file systems /u1 and /u2 with 2.7 GB of usable space each. You are free to create your own directory as /u{1,2}/<your userid>
  • The common space is maintained on a good will basis. Please clean up frequently
  • Keep in mind that no backups are made of the /u1 and /u2 disk. Make sure to backup any unrecoverable data yourself
Server Administration

Contact: Rainer Bartoldus