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Access to the MCR (Mobile Computing Rack)

  1. ssh to glastlnx06 using ssh/PuTTY/TeraTERM
  2. ssh from glastlnx06 to glast-mrb01
  3. You are now on the bastion host.

(info) As of 18 Jan, 2006 the following group/users are allowed to access glastlnx06:

  • u-glast-fastcopy:
    • apw
    • blee
    • claus
    • dmay
    • glast
    • golpa
    • kiml
    • lmiller
    • panetta
    • perazzo
    • pfkeb
    • richard
    • russell
    • saxton
    • sculp
    • smaldona
    • stuvi

(info) Fast CVS access from lat-hobbit5 to SLAC unix (Removes Xauth timeout error)

  • Create the file ssh-x.csh in ~/bin on lat-hobbit5:
    No Format
    # Set the CVS_RSH environment variable to execute this script.
    # This allows passing the -x option to ssh, which turns off X11 forwarding
    # and thus avoids the possible .Xauthority lock timeout.
    # R. Claus - Tue Feb  7 17:37:49 2006
    ssh -x $*
  • in your .cshrc, add the line:
  • setenv CVS_RSH "/nfs/home/<user>/bin/ssh-x.csh"
  • where <user> is your home directory name

Server and database setup (to be scripted?)

(info) Setting up postgres databases on ods-svr3 (lat-dmz01)

  • The next bit needs to be done for each database
    No Format
    $ su
    $ su postgres
    # createuser -A -D -P trending
    # createdb -O trending trending
    # exit
    $ exit
  • Copy most recent LICOStrend.psql from /nfs/farm/g/glast/u25/onlineMobileRack/db/trending-dmps/ to a local directory
    No Format
    $ psql -U trending -h localhost -f LICOStrend.psql trending

Building ISOC rpm for LICOS

  • This takes about 10 minutes
    No Format
    $ cvs co -d DistTools ISOC/DistTools
    $ cd DistTools/ISOC
    $ ./ YOUR_TAG_NAME x.y.z m
    $ rpmbuild -ta ISOC-x.y.z.tar.gz