• core files are bad: debug them with gdb
    • For most crashes with LICOS:
      • $ gdb `which python` core.12345
      • (gdb) where
      • to get a traceback. core.12345 is the most recent core file in your running directory.
      • Traceback will tell you approximately where you failed.
      • You can also 'print' variables to determine their contents.
    • to turn them offish, "limit coredumpsize 0" in cshrc will turn the size down to 0, but won't prevent the file from being created.
  • When starting scriptEngine, sometimes the logging manager port is in use.
    Kill the 'artsd' process and restart.
  • To remove the 'artsd' problem above:
    • From Konqueror, Settings->Configure Konqueror->Plugins
    • On the Plugins page, select the Plugins tab
    • uncheck "Use artsdsp to pipe plugin sound through artsd"

Obsolete anomalies

  • The following error is aperiodically seen when exiting the ScriptEngine (09/27/05):
    C:\projects\LICOS\start>scriptEngine.bat --server lat-elf21 --config scriptEngine.cfg
    INFO:root:Trying to connect to the message logger
    INFO:root:Successfully connected to the message logger
    INFO:root:Connection to CVT failed.  User scripts that call the CVT may fail
    Receiver server 1516 ( created
    Receiver server 1484 ( created
    Receiver server 1444 ( created
    Receiver server 1424 ( created
    INFO:root:FSMactionEngine: terminating
    INFO:root:ScriptEngine: terminating
    Error in sys.excepthook:
    Original exception was:
    This is probably due to the ScriptEngine not gracefully terminating some VSC originated threads.
  • When working with the testbed powering off and on the SIU requires the TelemetryProxy to be restarted (09/27/05).
  • When working with the testbed, the following message was observed on the DiagnosticProxy (09/27/05):
    *** Receiver max number servers (1) reached
  • When working with the multi-crate teststand, after switching the SIU boot from tornado to symbol and starting the VSC and the SIU the file upload checksum fails. After the VSC and the SIU is rebooted a second time then the file upload succeeds (09/28/05).
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