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Physical components:

The digital quad 20UPGR92101015 20UPGR91101015 with ITkPixV1.1 FEs with V2.4 common Quad hybrid design. Module fabrication history can be check in ProdDB. The module QC test record just after assembly are here

Power Adaptor

1 DP Readout Adaptor: There are a few different types of data adapters. This is the one where all 4 chips are readout through one DP connector (DP1), one line per chip. V1.0 1DP Quad Readout Adaptor Design repo (schematics).


python scripts/ -sn 20UPGR92101015 20UPGR91101015 -p L2

With fan + thermal pad, the module runs very hot at 36  - 38 C after configuration.