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  1. Automation, NSLS II  
  2. Remote access to computers, APS 
  3. User education and training, SSRL 
  4. Real-time communication, LCLS 
  5. Remote Analysis, ALS 
  6. Robotic sample changing, hosted by SSRL  
  7. Cobot-enabled mail-in and high-throughput SAXS, with Byeongdu Lee, hosted by APS,  
  8. How light sources are using slack for communication SSRL, NSLS II, APS,  
  9. Remote access for protein crystallography, hosted by SSRL,  
  10. Telepresence - Another pass at AR and the Double, hosted by LCLS  
  11. Blue Sky for remote access, hosted by NSLS II,   
  12. Ex situ and in situ multi-modal experiments during remote operation at
    the APS  

  13. Remote experiments at ORNL, hosted by ORNL  
  14. Remote control for X-ray spectroscopy beamlines with WebXAS, hosted by SSRL 
  15. Software for controlling robots: Experiences with RoboDK, hosted by SSRL 
  16. High performance computing for remote experiments, hostesd by APS 
  17. Real-time communication and telepresence–an updateThe LCLS eLog, hosted by LCLS LCLS