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Download Citrix Receiver for Linux

As of 2019-Dec-13, this was the tar ball I downloaded for my CentOS 7 host:

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Save the tarball to a temporary location, like /tmp/citrix, and then extract the contents and run the setup program:

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mkdir /tmp/citrix

# the following command assumes you downloaded the tarball to your ~/Downloads directory.
mv ~/Downloads/linuxx64- /tmp/citrix/.

cd /tmp/citrix
tar zxvf ./linuxx64-
sudo ./setupwfc

Accept all the default options during the installation.

Install the Intermediate Certificate

Copy /afs/slac/package/RedHat/RHEL6/SLAC/ICAClient/cacerts/incommon_intermediate.cer from a SLAC RHEL 6 host (like iris) and install it in your local /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/ directory.

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sudo -i

# Replace 'ksa' with your SLAC username below
scp ksa@iris01:/afs/slac/package/RedHat/RHEL6/SLAC/ICAClient/cacerts/incommon_intermediate.cer /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/.


Run Citrix programs

Log onto SLAC Citrix at 

Select the Citrix application you wish to run. For example, you can choose a "Full Windows Desktop" to get a SLAC Windows Desktop.

If you want to connect to a specific Windows server or desktop, then you can run "Remote Desktop Connection".
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