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 Mon, June 5Tues, June 6Wed, June 7Thurs, June 8Fri, June 9
9:00Particle Acceleration Mechanisms I - Yajie YuanParticle Acceleration Mechanisms II - YajieAGN and Blazars in the gamma-ray sky - BettaTheory and Modeling of Pulsar Wind Nebulae - Yajie

Wrap-up Summary

10:00Fermi LAT Catalogs - Elisabetta Cavazzuti

Magnetars - George Younes

Fermi GBM as a Transient Monitor - Colleen Wilson-HodgeAnalyzing GBM Continuous data - ColleenProject Results and Feedback
11:30 Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries 

 Dark Matters - Regina Caputo 

 Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries AMEGO - Regina CaputoWorkshop Close Out

Advanced Topics: Working groups on special topics

Student Projects

Free afternoon

On-line analysis tools tutorial - Betta

 (topcat, 3C 454.3 lc)

Advanced Topics:

Systematics: Effective Area

Student Projects

NICER - Colleen

Advanced Topics:

Student Projects

4:45End of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day Tagup 
    Virden BBQ @ 6:00Sunset Dolphin Cruise