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  • 8am MCC meeting got a tentative agreement to potentially let us in sporadically during MD in the afternoon (1-7pm) but no guarantee.
  • The apparent low efficiency of the RTI module from early data taking is explained by the fact the 225 calibration used at the time disabled very large fraction of the pixels. 
  • Martin calibrated RTISC4A RTISC2B in the lab perfectly fine with 140e noise, but setting up on the DUT platform also saw large noise. Changing LV supply and HV supply to Keithley, connecting ground wire etc all had positive or negative variations but inconclusive. The biggest effect was actually tuning off the Yfine stage holding current which we kept off and reached a setup that gave noise at 200e and  narrow threshold spread at tuning (but broadened some later). RTISC2B was installed on the DUT stage [but we thought that was RTISC4A at the time so that cali directory and run config files were mislabeled as 4A]. This calibration (555) is now the RTISC4A default config. Several row at the bottom and top and edge columns have some problems but most pixel away from the edges are looking fine, with just a few problematic central pixels. Another curious effect is for noise scans, one most of times have two large blocks of rows showing bad noise on every pixel in the block for a probability of ~few x10**-5. Updated HSIO2 firmware didn't change much, but after updating the HSIO2 software, this problem was no longer reproducible.The top block always start from row 256. Since this is a low frequency effect, the setup is good enough for efficiency tests.
  • In preparation for the beam run with all components, Timon updated YARR to readout 10 clock ticks to cover the double pulse events. 
  • While trying to test an auto-trig  configuration with Caladium+RTI+FE65P2 together, the YARR server esadutlbnl1 seemed to have stuck and not responding to pings. Had to go down the pit to power cycle. Moved its power line to the first channel of the remote controlled poser strip. However, it looks like this may not help much as the PC still needs to hit a manual botton at front to start. It is back up in any case but we lost the one open window connecting to it. Also noticed from the open side panel of esadutlbnl1 that a fan on the top left corner is not spinning. 
  • 5pm: BEAM coming. Particle rate very low due to 15.3 GeV primary with 0.5mm slit10. Opened to 1mm. Quickly moved DUT to be in the beam spot. ~2 particles per crossing on DUT. 
  • Timon reprogramming YARR FPGA.
  • 17:25 Started Run 763 Caladium + RTISC4ARTISC2B. ~2 particles/event. Telescope beam spot in the lower X half with tallest edge in the middle of MIMOSA. RTI DUT hit region X=45-70, Y=180-280. Ended at 17.59 after 10K events. Really nice clean DUT data with the new config cleaned up noise. 
  • Restarted Run control to brining in FE65P2 producer and moved telescope by -2mm in X to make the MIMOSA beam spot centered in X which is also the center of FE65P2. Last MIMOSA plane has a slightly low Y spot from the center which may be just fine for FE65P2. Telescope (an FE65P2 with it) will be kept here while we scan around DUT regions.
  • 18:10 Run 764 with centered EUDET+FE65P2. DUT Xfine cancelled telescope X move to stay at the same local area as Run 764. MCC took away beam for 10min for primary user. Ended Run 18:21 for 2K events. 
  • 18:25 started Run 765 with DUT Xfine moved -7mm to center X=15-45. Beam taken away for 10min again for primary user after 10min. Ended run for 2K events.
  • 18:48 Run 766, primary energy 15.3->13.5 GeV with 30% higher rate. Ended at 18:58 with 3.1K events for short beam off. 
  • 19:03 Run 767, Xfine -3.5mm so that we are at X=0-30 now.  Ended at 17:45 with 11K events.

    Run 767 RTISC4A RTISC2B (APIX 0) hit x correlation with MIMOSA plane 2Run 767 RTISC4A RTISC2B hit y correlation with MIMOSA plane 2
  • FE65P2 data empty. Dropped its producer to let Timon investigate in parallel.
  • 20:05 After a few false start, got SLAC_1dut_FEI4B_RTISC4A setup up without FE65P2, but beam temporarily off. Down for at least 15-20min. DUT Yfine down by3mm to aim for top left corner.
  • Asked for access to check FE65P2 HV,LV and module. All seemed to be up. Just pinched the partially blocked FE65P2 module connector which was slightly loose. Timon believes dataflow was OK with module standlaone operation and just without hits. maybe a calibration fixed it. Everything rounded in to the SLAC_1dut_FEI4B_RTISC4A_YARRParasitic configuration [note we mislabeled the config as for RTISC4A but it is really RTISC2B running].
  • 21:05 Beam back. Start Run 775. FE65P2 hits now seen !  Only have 10min left. Ended run for ~2K events. Go for high rate for the last 10min.         
  • Moved Yfine up by 8mm to hit lower part of RTI.
  • 21:30 Run 776 opened slit10 to 4mm with particle rate up to ~16/event. We are moving DUT stage during run without stopping for a quick spray of hits everywhere for local cluster analyses only. 
  • 21:50 Ended Run 776 with 5K events.

    RunstarteventsRTI DUT beam spotDUT clus/evtNotes
    76317:2510KX=45-70; Y=180-280  1.7RTISC4A RTISC2B only, MIMOSA beam spot on left half 
    76418:102KX=45-70; Y=180-280  1.7FE65P2 joined, but empty. Telescope moved to center beam spot.
    76518:252KX=15-45; Y=180-280  1.7DUT Xfine -7mm
    76618:483KX=15-45; Y=180-280  3.1Primary beam energy 15.3->13.5  
    76719:0311KX=  0-30; Y=180-280  3.3DUT Xfine -3.5mm
    77521:052KX=  0-30; Y=230-330  3.3FE65P2 hits back after scan. Yfine -~3mm to aim for top left corner 
    77621:305KMoved all over   16DUT stage moved RTI module during run.
    Run 776 hit spray at high rate while DUT stage was moved many times during the run without stop to cover wide range of regions, especially those not in the previous runs. The beam spot location at last MIMOSA plane (5) is essentially unchanged for all the runs today and should also be centered to FE65P2 mounted just behind it. Note the remarkable cleanness of the RTI APIX with essentially no noise hits.
  • This is the end of data taking for this test beam session.        


The original event log for Oct/4 mislabelled the running RTI module as RTISC4A and even using the calibration directory and Run control config files names as RTISC4A but the actual module was RTISC2B. The notes in the Oct/4 event log were retroactively corrected.