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 Mon, June 6Tues, June 7Wed, June 8Thurs, June 9Fri, June 10
9:00Gamma-ray Astrophysics Theory and Modeling III - Giovanni MorlinoGamma-ray Astrophysics Theory and Modeling IV - Giovanni MorlinoFermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor and Gravitational Wave Follow-up - Michael BriggsGamma-ray Astrophysics Theory and Modeling V - Giovanni Morlino

Final Wrap-up - Liz

Group Photos

10:00Air Showers - Jordan Goodman

High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory (HAWC) - Jordan Goodman

Fermi-LAT Performance - Regina CaputoSearching for Dark Matter with the Fermi LAT - Regina CaputoProject Results and Feedback
11:30 Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries 

 Spectral Deconvolution - Michael Briggs

 Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries Future Gamma-ray Space TelescopesWorkshop Close Out

Advanced Topics: Working groups on special topics

Summed Likelihood

Useful slides on Composite Likelihood

Student Projects


Free afternoon

(Large high school graduation event happens at Virden in the evening)

Advanced Topics (fermiPy)

Student Projects

Advanced Topics:

Extended Source Tutorial


Student Projects

4:45End of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day Tagup 
 Crab Feast (tutorial!)    


Example ipython notebook from Eric Charles' lecture for statistics in astronomy grad course: Guest Lecture of Applications in Astro Statistics id 17506

Group Photos



Things to do and Eat

These are places we've gone in the past for food: