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Installing JAS3, Java and the LCSim Plugin

What is JAS3?

Java Analysis Studio or JAS is a studio (GUI) application built upon the Java programming language. It has an integrated compiler and class loader and can load and compile user Java programs on-the-fly. JAS benefits from key features of Java, itself, such as dynamic class loading and unloading, extensive built-in utility libraries and the ease which cross-platform GUIs can be developed using the SWING toolkit. It implements the Abstract Intefaces for Data Analysis for plotting and has a built-in WIRED4 event display. JAS has a plugin system for extending the functionality of the application by adding support for different event displays, IO formats, etc.


The current version of JAS is JAS3.

titleHandy Hint

If you have problems when following these instructions please ask questions on the JAS3 or org.lcsim discussion forums.

title64bit architectures

The currently released versions of JAS3 are 32bit executables, requiring a 32bit version of Java to be installed.

JAS3 Setup

Download the current version of JAS for your platform.

After installing JAS3, run the application and go to View -> Preferences -> Java -> Compiler.

On Windows, the compiler setting should be read automatically from the system registry.

From the menu bar select View -> Plugin Manager.

Now choose the Available Tab, and select all of the following:

from hep -> visualization:

  • HepRep Plugin
  • WIRED 4
  • WIRED 4 Base Library

from hep -> linearcollider

  • org.lcsim

The org.lcsim plugin will show up under the User tab in the Plugin Manager.

Click install, and then close the plugin manager.

You are now done setting up JAS3 and the plugins.