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This pages summarizes a typical SVN session on Windows using Tortoise SVN, MikTex and Python

Bring your local version in sync with the repository

make a right-click on the directory, the DBD is in (in this case siddbd) and choose SVN Update

a window will appear asking your for your CERN account credentials and then the svn update process will start


(info) Note that TortoiseSVN doesn't cache your password, hence it may ask for your password several times during a svn transaction

Do your editing work

use e.g. the provided Miktex editor TexWorks or any editor of your choosing

Compiling and building the DBD

Go to the DBDMain directory

Double-click the script and the DBD will be build completely with one click.


(warning)   Please Always check if the document compiles before committing changes

if you are building the DBD for the first time, MikTeX may download additional packages and prompt you

This is ok and will make sure, that you have all required packages

titleIn case of problems

Some versions of MikTex report errors like The psyr source file could not be found , in this case the automatic package mananger couldn't find this psyr font file, go to MikTeX->Maintainance(Admin)-PackageManager (Admin) and install the package symbol

now use eg. Acrobat to have a look at the pdf (DBD.pdf)

Commit your changes

make a right click on your DBD directory (see above) and choose SVN commit. A window will open and ask you for a commit message, please give a sensible one !

then you'll be asked for your credentials again and the commit will occur

This window will tell you, what was changed and whether the commit was successful or not. Do a SVN update again (as described above)