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here are some detailed instructions for Windows (Tested on Windows 7)


first download and install a few packages (which are usually not installed on your Windows)

Check out of the DBD

TortoiseSVN is a Windows Explorer Extension, so wherever you want your SiD-DBD copy to reside, make a right click and choose

  • svn checkout

This should bring  up the following screen

If this is the first time accessing this repository, enter the following in the repository URL field

Press ok, it will ask you for your CERN account name and password and then check-out the latest version


It may prompt you several times for your password, this is a feature of svn (doesn't cache passwords) not a problem

if you're successful, you should see the following window

when you did enter the siddbd directory, you'll see the following structure

The  green checkmark indicates, that you are in sync with the repository.

Detailed instructions on building the DBD on Windows can be found here

Using https instead of svn+ssh

This is a recent feature of the CERN svn system which avoids TortoiseSVN asking you for your password several times

instead of svn+ssh:// use https://