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Our SVN is hosted at CERN using the CERN svn service (see details )


(warning)   You need a CERN account to access the SVN

For command reference, the SVN Book is highly recommended and can be found here

The SiDDBD repository

the repository structure looks as follows, under the root there are two folders

  • trunk hosts the current development
  • tags has tagged versions

under trunk, there is the following directory structure

Code Block
??? Bibliography
??? Chapter_Benchmarking
??? Chapter_Calorimetry
??? Chapter_ConceptOverview
??? Chapter_Costs
??? Chapter_ElectronicsDAQ
??? Chapter_ForwardSystems
??? Chapter_Introduction
??? Chapter_Magnet
??? Chapter_MDI
??? Chapter_MuonSystem
??? Chapter_SimReco
??? Chapter_Summary
??? Chapter_Tracker
??? Chapter_Vertex
??? DBDMain

which contains the individual chapters. Daily work and commits will happen in the trunk, only for releases (milestones, drafts), we'll make a tagged version available


in this wiki, we'll refer to

  • Main directory is the direcory below trunk (see above)
  • Build directory is DBDMain