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This script is used to re-establish screenlogging and reset terminal server ports following a reboot of lcls-daemon1.

The script reads screeniocs to get the list of all LCLS "hard" iocs ("ioc-", "eioc-")

For each ioc, the script checks to see of an iocConsole screenlogging session exists.

If there is no session, the script will attempt to create one.  If difficulties are encountered, the script will call iocTSmgr to reset the IOC's terminal server port, and try again.


To see a description of the script:

  • restartALLIOCLogging.bash

To go ahead and execute it:

  • restartALLIOCLogging.bash GO

Detailed steps:

  • check for screenlogging session - if one is found, exit
  • create a backup of the existing $IOC_DATA/iocname/screenlog.0 file
  • check for a SCREEN socket file - if one is found, call iocConsole -cleanup to clean up the socket file
  • check to see that the terminal server and IOC are up (ping) - if not, exit
  • try to re-establish screen session - if unsuccessful, do iocTSmgr to reset TS port
  • try to establish the screen session again