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Controls Group Information



Controls Department Management



Hamid Shoaee

Controls Department Head

Enzo Carrone

Controls Department Deputy/Controls Safety Systems/Controls CAM

Ernesto Williams

Controls Software Department Head

Terri Lahey

Controls Software Deputy

Patrick Krejcik

High Level Applications Manager

Ron Chestnut

Controls Hardware Deptuy

Mike Browne

Hardware Manager

Anthony Tilghman

Hardware Services Manager

Controls Software Group Members



Debbie Rogind

Control Software Manager

Patrick Krejcik

Control Software FACET Project Manager

Ernest Williams

Controls Software EPICS Group Manager

Mike Zelazny

Controls Software HLA Group Manager)

Dayle Kotturi

Software (EPICS)

Arturo Alarcon

Software (EPICS)

Kristi Luchini

Software (EPICS)

Matt Boyes

Software (EPICS)

Sonya Hoobler

Software (EPICS

Paul Chu

Software (HLA)

Diane Fairley

Software (HLA)

Luciano Piccoli

Software (HLA)

Qing Yang

Software (HLA)

Partha Natampalli

Software (HLA)

Sergei Chevtsov

Software (HLA)

Matt Cyterski

Software (PPS)

Stephen Norum

Hardware (MPS)

John Dusatko

Hardware (Timing)

Michael DiSalvo


Patrick Bong

Hardware (PPS)

Photon Controls Software Group

Sheng Peng

Software Group Leader

Steve Lewis

Software (EPICS)

RF Software Group

Shantha Candamoor

Software (EPICS)

SSRL Software Group

Stephanie Allison

Software (EPICS)

Till Straumann

Software (EPICS)

NLCTA Software Group

Alison Chaiken

Software EPICS)

Zen Szalata

Software (EPICS)

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